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Banging my head on the sewing table

This is the bottom side of a reversible placemat. Yes, I am having a tension problem. I’ve tightened the top tension – which helps but doesn’t eliminate the eyelashes. I’ve slowed down the needle speed. I’ve speeded up the needle speed. I’ve slowed down how fast I move my hands. I have the same thread from the same spool in both the top and bobbin. All these things are supposed to work.

Tomorrow, I’ll try unthreading the machine, removing the bobbin, vacuuming out whatever is inside the bobbin area, and using a different needle (I’m using a Klasse quilting needle).IMG_0115

This is the front side of the placemat.


This was a project to reduce my overflowing stash. I cut strips 2.5″ wide, 3.5″ wide and 4.5″ wide. Finished placemat should be 14″ x 20″



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