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Thread Addiction

Not every addiction needs a 12-step program. Thankfully, there is no program for my thread addiction. Once I got a sewing machine that made fancy stitches, I had to buy fancy threads. After that, I couldn’t sew anything without fancy threads and fancy stitches. Jim (DH) has the fanciest boxers in town. I use left over fabric, leg of this – leg of that. I use fancy threads and fancy stitches around the fly and the hems of the legs. Boxers should have bling, too.

After my 12-year-old serger developed an expensive problem, I bought a new serger – Brother 1034. I love this serger. No more Dreaded Bottom Looper Threading nightmare. Now that I have an easy to thread serger, I need fancy serger threads. There are two things this new serger does that are a bit of a surprise. If I want to change the thread in one of the loopers, I need to unthread the machine and rethread using the proper order: bottom looper, top looper, left needle, right needle. The other surprise is that I have to use the nets over the spools of thread or I cannot get the tension properly adjusted.

Superior Threads, has a Try Me Special – thread at an incredibly good price. The trade off is that Superior picks the colors. I bought Halo, Polyarn and ProLock  at Try Me prices. I bought a discontinued color of Poly Quilter.


Above are the Halo threads. They are designed for use with a serger or in the bobbin. The thread isn’t that thick and I think it might be possible to use them for the top thread of a sewing machine. Haven’t tried that yet. I like what happens when I use them in the serger. Using the closest stitch, I got good coverage and great sparkle.


Polyarn. It reminds me of wooly nylon, but it seems to be thinner and of better quality than wooly nylon. Although it’s a bit on the fuzzy side, it’s still fairly easy to thread into either looper.  With the closest stitch, I got great coverage.


Prolock 8,500 yard cone. Nice thread. But…. I can’t use it in both loopers because the cones are too big to fit side by side. Once I get about half of each cone used, I’ll be able to put one in each looper.


Poly Quilter discontinued color. Much to my surprise, I didn’t have a similar color in my thread stash. I haven’t had a chance to use this thread yet. I’m thinking I’m not going to be thrilled using it in the serger. Variegated threads tend to become rhythmic color blocks when used in a serger. I prefer to use variegated threads when I use the fancy stitches on my sewing machine.


I finally got the tension issues with free motion quilting resolved. I decided to try some of the placemats with serged edges. Above is the result using regular serger thread from JoAnn’s and using the closest stitch setting. I like using the new threads better. I’m getting better coverage although it can be interesting to balance the looper tension when I’ve got a different type of thread in each looper.

About a week ago, Jim was at the local ReStore and found two June Taylor wooden thread racks. He called to see if I wanted them; they were $6 each. YES!!! Then he asked if I was sure I had 120 spools of thread. I passed that count years ago. <G>




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