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Pots and going a little crazy

I’m applying for a grant and I discovered that I will need to submit a digital portfolio. Suddenly, every piece of artwork I’ve ever made looks like crap. I decided to make ceramic pieces specifically for this portfolio. I like the ideas I have, I’m not sure I like how I glazed them. I am sure I’m not happy with the cracks that appeared. I’ve switched from a ^6 porcelain to ^6 white stoneware. That should solve most of the problems. I hope.


We tried an experiment when loading the kiln. Jim alternated how the space between the shelves were oriented. The splits you see in the bottom of the herb pots is because I neglected to remember that melted wax will come up through the drainage holes. I melted wax in an electric frying pan and dipped my pieces so I could have a nice, even line where the glaze stops. For my next even line adventure, I’m considering using 1/4″ wide quilter’s tape. I’ve used that as a resist on other pieces and it worked quite well. The critical part is removing the tape before firing the piece. If the tape isn’t removed, any glaze drips that are on the tape end up on the surface of the pot.


Antarctica fossil bowl. I like the design. I don’t like the crack. I think I would like this design better if I used a glaze that was more pastel. Something to think about for the next round of bowls.  Below is another Antarctica fossil bowl.




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