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Trying To Like My Art

I decided to make some quilted wall hangings and base the designs on fossils from Antarctica. I’m not sure if I like what I made although I am now sure I vividly remember why I no longer quilt by hand. What a PITA. One of the wall hangings is finished except for the sleeve on the back.


I’m not sure if I like portrait or landscape orientation best. I glued the leaves and stem onto the background fabric – a leftover piece of hand dye. Then I used some of my new fancy thread to sew down the leaves and stem. I hand quilted around the leaves and stem and machine quilted the background.

The other is in progress.


The background fabric on this one is another of my hand dyes. The color washed out on the close up of the leaf.

I’ve learned from these pieces. I like the appliqué and the beads. I like how fancy thread stands out. White glue is not something I like using to hold the layers of a quilt sandwich together. Once dry, even watered down, it’s hard to get a needle to go through it. On the one wallhanging, the glue held the layers together. On the other, the glue refuses to hold the top layer to the batting. I’ve ordered some Misty Fuse on the recommendation of other quilters.

I learned that I am approaching the digital portfolio wrong. I had been using photos found on the internet for inspiration. If I can find inspiration on the internet, there’s no reason to send me to Antarctica.  There is reason, but not one that will give me an advantage over the others applying for the grant. A photo will only show me so much. Any subtle texture in the fossil is lost in the photo. Size is lost in a photo. If I could actually see the rock, I could quilt the rock texture into the piece. I’d also like to be able to know what species I’m looking at and what time period it’s from. It’s been a while since Antarctica was a warm place.

Now, I’m back to searching photos of my art to find Deb’s Greatest Hits.



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