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Kiln Surprises

I fired the kiln yesterday and we unloaded this evening. I was pretty sure I overshot ^6. After seeing the glaze results and the cracks, I know I overshot ^6 and I might have overshot ^7.

I had some trouble a couple firings ago. Cracking sounds when we started the kiln and it was obvious some of my work shattered. I lowered the gas and proceeded s-l-o-w-l-y. That solved the shattering problem. But… I’m finding the cones melting faster than I expect. I know that the cones melt at a lower temperature if the firing is slow. It’s the heat over time thing – like that plug that pops out of the turkey when it’s finished cooking.

For my next firing, I want to try checking the kiln every 15 minutes after the temp gets up to about 1000 F. I’ve always checked every half hour, but that’s not working so well now.


IMG_1318I made a few ornaments. Fun little things to make, but they get boring after a while. There is only so many times I can make one thing before I get bored.

I have air plants which need air plant pots. So I made lots of little pinch pots and did glaze experiments on them. The one I like the best is the yellow and brown pot – first large photo on the right. I like how the yellow dripped into the brown.


I used a pink glaze on the dish, but the color burnt out. I like what happened better than what I planned. Clay is like that. Full of surprises and not for the anal retentive.


I was playing around with tiny cookie cutters and soap dishes magically appeared. I prefer the one with the cactus and bunny. While these are cute they are not easy to glaze. There were lots of little spaces where glaze needs to go.



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