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Still Working on Photos

I started photography with the last fully manual camera Cannon made in 1980. I had control over everything. Now, I have a Cannon Rebel and it’s fully automatic. I’d like to have more control. I love not having to develop film. I love being able to take 500 photos and it doesn’t cost me any more than taking 1 photo.


This was a great photo until I realized I cut off the side of the quilt. Good thing I’m not paying for film.


The photo of the other quilt came out better. But….. I didn’t use the laser level and the edges are wonky. Somehow, I don’t think the reviewers will be impressed if I tell them the wonky edges are a design element. Actually… now that I write it, that’s not a bad idea. This quilt was inspired by a fossil. Fossils rarely are found on perfectly flat, nicely edged surfaces. I gotta think about that a little more.


It’s possible to photograph a light colored box against a white background. This is a surprise. I thought the box would disappear into the background.  I see the glaze from the inside peeked out a tad. Adds to the mystery. I made this box several years ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. The galley sucks, though. It took me a few more years to figure out how to hand build a good galley.


A friend suggested using three little pots in a photo rather than one little pot per photo. Yes, I need to get out the gorilla tripod. The full size tripod isn’t going to be helpful with this setup. I need to adjust the depth of field and that’s going to take a really slow shutter.

I worked on the writing part of the grant proposal today. I spent about 10 years as a reporter. I was working on the part where I have to justify and explain what I propose to do. I buried the lead. The second worst thing a reporter can do. The first worst thing is to reveal the name of a source who wants to remain anonymous.

This grant proposal is starting to be more taxing than taking another bar exam.




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