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Creativity Multitasks

Unlike me. I’m no better at multitasking than my computer.

I need to learn more about my DSLR. Only one way to do that; take lots and lots and lots of photographs. Fortunately, I’m no longer paying for film and developing.

Lately, I’ve been playing with aperture priority so I can have some control over depth of field. IMG_1585IMG_1583

One of these was with  the largest aperture opening and the other with the smallest. I can’t figure out which is which. I think the top one has the largest aperture opening.



I tried with a flash. So much for that idea.

We get half a zoo’s worth of critters here in the desert and every one of those critters just loves eating plants. That’s why either the garden has to be up in the air or fenced well.

Here’s the rest of the gardens.


I’ve never figured out why this is, but I can water like crazy and nothing happens. Let it rain a bit, and plants jump out of the ground. The flowers by the container are chocolate flowers. They bloom like crazy each morning and smell like chocolate. The flowers last one day. The plants are kill proof. IMG_1578IMG_1576

I’ve got a fenced in garden with multi-headed sunflowers, a few beets, a few carrots (we think a bird is feasting on the sprouts) and potatoes.


Oddly, here in the desert crops have to be partially shaded. I’m used to full sun gardens. The multi-headed sunflowers are, in theory, going to provide the needed shade from the late afternoon sun.


This is the herb garden. My portfolio for the grant proposal is filled with brown ceramic pieces. I had no idea I was making so many brown pieces. I’m considering taking the tall herb planter in the bottom photo, putting it in the light box, and adding it to the portfolio. In the grant proposal, I write about making both functional and decorative art. Nothing like an herb growing planter to show functional. And it’s not brown.


I’m working out a design for a quilt about Antarctica. The quilt will show perspective and light. I’m going to use the idea behind the traditional tumbling blocks quilt pattern. IMG_1574


Here’s where flash helped. In the bottom photo, you get to see the gray heels and the colors. I dyed the socks in quart jars so there’s mottling.

Jim had lots of white, cotton socks. I needed to audition dyes. Now, Jim has lots of colored socks none of which match.

I need to figure out if I want to use a light, medium and dark of one color. The building I’m basing this on is blue. But what if I want to make it, say, purple? It’s my quilt – I can do what I want. Another option: use three different colors, dark A, medium B, light C.

I also need to figure out what to do with the snow. I’m from Buffalo, NY. I know snow. I know I want to show light and shadow. Do I: use pieces of gray against a white background? Use extra padding in certain places? Use thread painting to show shadow? Use both heavy and light quilting to show areas of texture? Bang my head on the cutting table? Lots of choices. I’m leaning towards doing all of them.

And yes, this does mean the depression has passed. Like everyone else, I have good days and not so good days. Today is a good day. I’ve no idea why. I’ll enjoy it anyway.



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