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The World is my University

It amazes me that there is so much available on youtube. All you need is the ability to read, access to the internet, and you can learn pretty much anything.

I wanted to make a purse with zippered pockets. Just one tiny problem. You’d think after sewing for 52 years I’d know how to put in a zipper. Nope. Fortunately, there’s youtube. I found a video for inserting a recessed zipper in a tote bag. It’s not a purse, but it’s a start.


The finished bag. I used some upholstery fabric that Jim got for me when he worked for Gunlocke in the 90’s. Employees could buy leftover upholstery fabric for $1 a yard. The lining is fabric left over from a baby quilt I made for a friend’s second child.


The recessed zipper. It’s not an award winning insertion, but it’s the best insertion I’ve ever done.


Both ends of the zipper. The beginning of the zipper is where I had to fix zipper.

I had bought a roll of zipper tape with a dozen sliders. Measure what you need, cut that amount of zipper, and insert the zipper. I did well until I zipped the zipper closed and pulled the slider right off the zipper. I had neglected to sew a stop onto the zipper.

Back to youtube where I discovered it’s pretty easy to reattach the slider.

Project #2 will be a tote with a recessed zipper, inside zipper pockets and an outside zipper pocket.

Project #3 will be design and make the purse that I want.

Here’s the recessed zipper video:

Here’s the fix the zipper video:



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