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It’s Time To Do Something

You say you are tired of mass shootings? That the government should ban assault rifles? Then do something about it.

Are you registered to vote? If you are 18 or older and are not a convicted felon and are not registered to vote – register. TODAY. NOW.

If you are a registered voter, do you vote? If not, shame on you. Quit bitching about the government and vote.

Do you know who your representatives in Washington are?

Find your senators here:

Find your representative here:

You want assault rifles banned? Tell your representatives. TODAY. NOW.

You want to tell the NRA the government is not for sale? Tell your representatives. TODAY. NOW.

Here’s what I just e-mailed to my senators and representative in the house of representatives:

I have some questions and your answers will determine how I vote.

Have you ever accepted money from NRA, SCOPE or any other group advocating ownership of firearms?

If so, how much money did you receive throughout your political career and when did you receive it?

What are you doing to ban assault rifles?


Feel free to ask your representatives the same questions. Copy and paste if you like.




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