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Getting Back To Art or It’s Not Called Art Therapy For Nothing

Today, I spent quality time with myself making art. Having bisque fired maybe 2/3 of the greenware, it’s now time for me to glaze. I can take 3-4 hours of glazing before I have to stop. Yesterday,  I glazed some of the bowls. Today, I glazed some of the mugs.


This is one of the mugs that has a stylized pine tree carved into it. Each mug has three trees. I wanted to do a little testing. I filled in the incised parts with a glaze called Root Beer. I want to see if I glazed over the Root Beer with another glaze, if the Root Beer would bleed through. Six pine trees, and it took me an hour to glaze just the trees. For the rest of the mugs, the insides of both were glazed with a lavender celadon. The outside of one is glazed with a marigold celadon and the outside of another is glazed with Frosted Melon.

Next, I finished up a zippered tote. This is the second tote on my way to figuring out the perfect purse. This one has two outside zippered pockets and two inner patch pockets.

The zippered pockets were….. interesting. The video that teaches how to sew in a zippered pocket is here:

First, I sewed the pocket lining to the wrong side of the outside of the tote. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except I had already cut the opening. I had to rip out the stitches, carefully match up the cut lines, and resew the pocket lining.

Next, I learned that Misty Fuze is NOT a good way to attach a zipper. I just wanted the zipper to be still without pins until I got it sewn in. The zipper wasn’t centered properly, so I had to do some fancy stitching to get the zipper in and top stitched.

The outside fabric for this tote is upholstery fabric. Because the fabric didn’t have any body, I used a stiff interfacing. That stiff interfacing made putting in the zippered pockets a bear. I had to fight the interfacing with each seam.

Yesterday, armed with a 50% off coupon for JoAnn’s, I bought some double sided clear tape that washes away. That did a far better job of holding the zipper where I wanted it until I could get it stitched down.

I had better luck with the patch pockets. I sandwiched two pieces of fabric around a piece of stiff interfacing. Then I used the serger to serge all around the edges. That saved me from trying to turn the patch pockets inside out. I wanted one pocket for pens, so that pocket has no closure. The other pocket has a velcro closure. The double sided tape helped with attaching the velcro. When I wanted to attach the patch pocket, I used the velcro to hold the pocket in place while I stitched the edges.


I didn’t interface the lining of the top of the bag where the recessed zipper is attached. That wasn’t a great idea.


You can see the problems I had attaching the zipper for one of the zippered pockets.

I’ll live with this tote bag for a while and then draft the perfect purse.

The sunflowers started blooming yesterday.


I’ve never before been able to grow a sunflower this color.


We’ll save a few of the heads for the seeds. We used to grow sunflowers when we lived in Western New York. We’d save a few heads for the seeds and plant those seeds the next spring. I noticed that each year, the multi-headed sunflowers were multier headed each year.

I was playing a bit with the telephoto lens.


We buy quail blocks, what the dove is sitting on in the above photo, to feed the quail. You feed quail, you get dove.

One more thing I made today. DSCN9611

I got a new King Arthur Flour Baker’s catalog the other day and there was a recipe for lemon sherbet in the catalog. I squeezed lemons, added almond milk, and turned it into sherbet.

The clay, the fabric, the lemon juice, the birds…. it was almost enough to allow me to forget the insanity that reigns in the US right now.



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