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Continuing With The Art Experiment

I carved the pot I made on Sunday. I had jury duty yesterday so I had to take a day off from mud. I decided this pot would feature a night scene – mountains, sky and a full moon.


The clay boogers get removed tomorrow. If I try to get rid of them at this stage of drying, I’ll just smoosh them around.

At the moment, I’m thinking about a matte shino for the mountains. Very dark blue underglaze for the sky and a white full moon. Clear glaze over the sky and moon.

The pot I made this morning is wrapped in plastic, drying slowly, and I’m working on deciding how I want to decorate the pot. The clay for this morning’s pot came from the reclaim bucket. It’s a combination of tan, white and chocolate clays. Haven’t a clue how much of each is in that bucket. I do like how the reclaimed clay feels and that it’s easy to work with. I won’t have any idea about how dark the clay will be until after I get it bisque fired. I prefer to work with white clay because I like how bright the colors of the glazes are. No matter what glaze, the glaze comes out subdued when it’s used with a brown clay. Subdued and subtle could make for an interesting night scene.

I’ve gotten excited about this art project where I take one form and emulate Arts & Crafts pottery.  Many of the nature scenes on the Arts & Crafts pots came from the plants and animals living near where the potter was working. While there are well known Arts & Crafts movements from several places around the US, the movement seems to have bypassed New Mexico. We have Native American pottery, but not Arts & Crafts.

I want to do some pots with flowers that grow in my back yard, so I took photos this morning to be used for sketches. DSCN9652DSCN9653

The common name for these are Chocolate Flowers. They bloom in the morning and and nothing but seed pod by the afternoon. The flowers smell like chocolate. I thought the leaves were interesting. I’ll have to play around in my sketchbook and come up with some designs.


A lot of work has gone into breeding sunflowers over the last several years. Sunflowers are no longer a big flower, yellow petals, brown center searched atop a tall stalk. These plants are in the 3′ – 8′ height range. The flowers are smaller which is nice because the small birds can eat the seeds. The big birds are too big for these sunflowers. I also love the different flower colors. I’ll be playing around with sketches of sunflowers to see what I can create.



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