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Preliminary Underglaze Experiment Results

After discovering that the unidentified clay was definitely not cone 6, I decreed that all pieces made of unidentified clay would be deemed low fire. I decided to use the pinch pots as experiments.


I used two different brands of underglaze. There are some pots that appear to have a shiny glaze on them. They do. Those underglazes do turn into a regular glaze when bisque fired.

The other glazes require a coat of clear glaze and then a glaze firing.


I particularly like this pot. The outside has an underglaze that is glossy after  being bisque fired. The inside is one of the Designer Velvet underglazes.


I’m pleased, so far, with the pointillist pots. I’ve got five mugs slowly drying beneath two lays of plastic. When the mugs are dry, I’ll be doing some pointillist experiments. I want to see what happens when I let the colors progress from light to dark or from dark to light. Because these pots will be fired to cone 6 (mid-fire range), some of the underglaze colors will change.


This one almost worked out the way I wanted. I used several layers of assorted blues for the sky and several layers of assorted…. blues? greens? both? for the ground. I think took a very wet brush and painted water over the underglaze. I was hoping for a blend of colors to give the piece depth. I suspect some of the colors will change when I glaze fire this piece.


This pot is going to be a surprise. It will be coated with clear glaze and fired to about cone 05 – low-fire range. The discoloration of the clay comes from that part of the pot being in the flame path. I’m curious about whether the discoloration will disappear or become more prominent when the piece is glaze fired.

I’m having fun working with this particular shape and want to play more with it. The not yet dry mugs are made in this shape.

All of my work is coil built. I do know how to throw, but I don’t enjoy doing it. That’s why I stick with hand built. There’s something zen like and meditative about hand building that doesn’t happen for me when I use a potter’s wheel.


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