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Can You See The Forest For The Trees?

I’m getting ready to do a bisque firing this coming weekend. Instead of making new pots this morning, I worked on putting terra sig on the bottoms of the pots that have dried. Terra sig is a refined slip. Paint on thin layers, burnish, and my pots have shiny white bottoms. Why? Because the terra sig is thick enough to make a smooth bottom on the pot thereby making the pot furniture friendly.

I also did some under glazing. Underglazes can go on greenware – pots that have not been bisque fired. They work more or less like paint and what you see is more or less what you get.

The idea is to make the pots look as if they are under water and undulating. I think the underglazes are going to be darker after they are covered in a clear glaze and  glaze fired.


I’m working with two types of clay which is why there are white pots and brown pots.


These next two are purely to play with.


The pot on the left has yellows and greens. The one on the right is an experiment. I used purple, lilac, pink and rose. Underglazes are geared for low-fire work and I’m using a mid-fire clay. Sometimes, when underglazes are fired at a mid-fire temperature, the color disappears. Reds are particularly susceptible to this.

Next, a bit of silliness.


I’ve been playing with lidded containers. I tried a technique I saw in a magazine, but I didn’t like the lid. The twisted coil makes the lid bearable. I used shades of green on the pots and carved stylized pine trees into the pots.


This was an experiment that got away from me. It was supposed to be a mug, but I made it too tall. I could: cut part of it off – which is a pain. Or I could turn it into a vase. More greens and yellows. This pot was still wet when I painted on the underglaze. Because the layers of underglaze didn’t completely dry before the next layer got added, the colors blend.

So…. looking at the pots…. can you see the forest for the trees?



I retired from the Public Defender Dept. November 12, 2015 after 21+ years as a criminal defense attorney. Now, I'm a full time multi-media artist and writer starting on a new adventure. As an artist, I create with beads, fabric, fiber, and ceramic clay. Sometimes separately; sometimes in assorted combinations. You can find my on-line store at:

One thought on “Can You See The Forest For The Trees?

  1. Hi Deb,

    I really like the one with the pink & red on the inside. It almost looks like a fabric lining.

    And, your lids turned out so well. The lidded pots remind me of canisters for flour, sugar, etc.

    I also love the one on the bottom with the blue. Looks, like sky. And, yes, it would be perfect for a flower vase.


    אייפד של דינה


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