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Rain In The Desert, Mud, & Thumbnail Quilt

It’s raining and the desert has a sharp, green glow. I bought filters for the Canon DSLR and put the UV filter on the lens. All of these were taken from my back patio.


This is one of my favorite female sculptures. I was using a ^6 fiber clay which made making her arms and clothes easier. The pockets are three dimensional and I can stick a finger or two in each pocket. Unfortunately, the piece cracked in the glaze firing.


I did a bit of experimenting once I had the photos on the laptop. I’m using iPhotos mostly because I don’t know how to use anything else. The image below is enhanced.


Below is what the camera saw.


Looking down the hill with the Robledo Mountains in the background. I used the telephoto for this shot – those houses are not at all close to my house.


The image on the left was enhanced, the image on the right is what the camera saw.


I played a bit with the telephoto to see what difference the illusion of moving the background closer to me would make.

Version 2

In Western New York, fall has a yellow light. This photo has a fall feel, but it was taken this morning. Fall in New Mexico is green. When I tried to make a quilt using fall colors, I realized I was using a lot of green. My quilt was reflecting what I was seeing here rather than what I remembered from New York.


Version 2

Looking north towards the Dona Ana Mountains.

Version 2

I’ve decided I really like this filter – at least for shooting in the rain. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how the filter effects shots taken in bright sun.

I did a combination bisque and glaze firing this past weekend. The Mystery Clay is, I guess, ^04. I glazed the bisque-fired Mystery Clay pieces and bisque fired the ^6 greenware.


I didn’t realize how dark the underglazes would be when used on a dark brown clay. Still, I think this vase would look nice with some bright flowers in it.


I had sunflowers in mind when I made this vase – it’s one of my larger pieces.


A plate I made using Mystery Clay and ^6 white. I used a plate I had gotten second hand for the hump mold.


A coiled bowl that almost ended up swirled. If I’m going to do swirled clay again, I’ll use hump molds rather than try to coil build.


Little bitty pinch bowls that I used to experiment with underglazes.

Just for fun, some shots of my studio. The platter on the banding wheel is a glaze experiment. I’m hoping the lighter colored glaze will run down the sides of the platter and make an interesting mix. The weird pot to the upper left of the platter is a mistake that may turn out really right. I thought I had bisque fired the pot, but I was wrong. I didn’t realize this until after I the piece half glazed. Then a chunk broke off. The nice part about swirly pots is that if a part breaks, it can be incorporated into the design. Translation: I didn’t want to stuff it in reclaim so I decided the break is a design element.


I’m still playing with thumbnail quilts. With this piece I learned that I don’t want to use colored markers to make leaves, if I want to do a leaf like the one in the top right corner, I need to be more careful about what color I use for the veins.

I think I’ve got the design worked out for a quilt. I’ve got a sketch I like and idea on how I want to make the leaves. Next, I need to play with watercolor crayons on fabric. If I can do what I have in mind, this is going to be a fun quilt.

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