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Glaze Experimenting

A friend e-mailed photos of some glaze experiments he did. After putting on the base glaze, he used a sponge to apply the second glaze. He got some great results.

Being inspired, I decided to give this idea a try. I’m not wild about applying glaze with a sponge, so I stuck to a paintbrush and doing the pointillist thing.


I started with a green celadon base. Then I poked the pot with a paintbrush using all the shades of green glaze I have. Some of the spots are applied thicker than others. I’m wondering if all the spots will run, if only some of the spots run, or if none of the spots run.

This piece was supposed to be a functional tea pot. It’s a bad design. I used a similar spout on another teapot years ago and discovered, as I had been told about this type of spout, that the pot did not piddle. This spout is too high on the pot if I’m going to use this style of pot. When I tried pouring water from the pot, water came out both the spout and the top of the pot. I like the shape of the pot and I want to keep experimenting to get a functional teapot. I’m also not sure I like that kind of a lid for a teapot. The next pot will have the spout lower and I may use a lid that is the reverse of this lid.

This is the only piece in this set of experiments made with a white ^6 stoneware.



I started with a blue shino and poked the pot with every shade of blue glaze I have. This pot and the one below were made from New Mexico Clay’s Anasasi ^6 clay.


I can’t remember what the base glaze is and I’m not in the mood to go out to the Summer Studio and look in my glaze notebook. The pot has assorted shades of red and pink including a pink/red shino. I used a pink shino on the top 1/3 of the vase. That particular glaze runs like Jesse Owens. I’m curious to see if those spots will run or just alter the base glaze a bit.

The next glaze firing is tentatively scheduled for August 28. If I like the way these pots turn out, the next experiments will feature pots with lots of spots from two different colors, pots with thick spots, pots with thin spots. I’m still working with the same basic shape for the pots and experimenting with the glazes.

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