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How Green Is My Desert

It has been rainy heavily the last few days and it doesn’t take long for the desert to become green. On Sunday night, it rained hard enough to wash sand and dirt across the road.

I think this might be desert sage. Words hide in my brain and I don’t know where they hide. It’s a side effect of psych meds. The last set of meds caused words to hide on the right side of my brain. I’d have to move the word to the left side of my brain so I could see and say the word. These meds, which work far better than any other meds I’ve been on, hide words and I can’t find them.


Looking at my back door. IMG_2314IMG_2316IMG_2310IMG_2296

The view from my chair on the Summer Studio.

Whatever these bushes are, they only bloom when it’s humid. Humid being a relative word when it comes to deserts. At the moment, the humidity is 30%. Decidedly moist for these parts.


Two of the barrel cactus in the back yard.

The peppers and tomatoes look better than they have in weeks.


The Dona Ana Mountains, as seen from my back patio, are now green. This will only last a few days unless it rains again.



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