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From the 8/28/16 Glaze Firing

I did a glaze firing on Sunday and we unloaded the kiln today. The good news is, I got even heat in the middle and the top. Things on the bottom shelf will have to be fired again because the glaze didn’t melt. I have an Olympic Torchbearer gas kiln, and it’s notorious for firing unevenly. I will figure this kiln out. No inanimate object is going to get the best of me. So there!

I was playing with pointillist type poking using underglazes. I like some of the results. The Velvet Underglazes turn darker when they are fired to ^6 and I’m not used to having to think in colors that are radically different from what’s in the jar.


I didn’t cover the white clay completely with pokes, and I think the mugs came out nicer because of that.


The vase in the middle was an attempt to fix a problem. It’s only been about 35 years or so since I painted. I painted the sunflowers then realized I should have painted the background first. I managed to get the background in around the flowers.

The vase on the right came out much darker than I had thought.


I need to figure out a way to blend the colors more on the insides of these pots.


These were supposed to look as if the insides were under water. I’ll have to keep working on that.


I don’t remember what I was trying to accomplish with the center pot.


The good news: I like how the teapots came out. The bad news: these pots are nonfunctional. I made an error with the design of the spout. This particular spout doesn’t piddle. I know that because I have another pot I made several years back that doesn’t piddle. But… the problem is that if I tip the pot enough for the water to come out the spout, then the lid falls off and water comes out the top of the pot. I did a little rearranging with the spout on a pot that hasn’t been bisque fired yet.



When I made this pot, I hated the lid. It was ugly beyond belief. I decided to try one thing before I trashed the pot. I twisted two coils together and put them around the lid. Now, I’ve got a pot I like.


I did not build this pot well and there are a couple major cracks in the side. I knew it wasn’t going to be a pot I could sell, but I decided it would be worthwhile to use the pot for a glaze experiment. I put PC Art Deco Green in the fern leaves. Then I covered the green (and the rest of the pot) with Hibiscus shino. I love the shade of green that I got. I have some platters with the fern motif and they haven’t been bisque fired yet. That gets done this weekend. I’m looking forward to using this glaze combination on them.


The pot in the middle, with the green lines, is actually a blooming yucca. You can’t see the flowers because the underglaze I sued wasn’t heavy enough. The pot on the right was a forest through the trees experiment. I like the concept, but I have to work on execution more.



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