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Hurricane In The Desert

A hurricane is headed for Mexico and expected to travel up the Baja peninsula. For some reason, a hurricane west of here causes rain here. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation; I’m just not motivated to find the explanation.

I’ve been reading articles on the Digital Photography School site which is here. Lots of good articles. I’ve been taking what I learn on the site and playing around with the camera, a Canon Rebel.

When it rains, the desert comes alive, and it comes alive quickly.


My suddenly green back yard leading up to the Dona Ana Mountains.


Assorted cactus and I don’t know what any of them are called.



Because these only bloom in the rain and the rain isn’t that frequent, when it does rain it blooms with a profusion of flowers.


Only the very middle are buds about to open. The rest are spent flowers from past years.


This one has flowers just starting to open.


These are chocolate plants. No, you can’t eat them. They are named for the incredible chocolate smell they produce. The plants flower in the morning and the flowers are dead by late afternoon. You cannot kill this plant and it spreads everywhere.


I’ve no idea what this is, but it’s blooming.


I tried airbrushing the hose out, but that wasn’t successful. This is a Mexican Bird of Paradise. The most common one has yellow flowers and grows everywhere – especially where you don’t want it to grow. This is the less common red one. It’s fussier about growing and blowing.



This is an anomaly. It’s a pink yucca and it’s supposed to bloom only in the spring. Those odd pods are actually seed pods from the spring blooming. Because it’s been so wet lately, we get a second bloom.


The flower is pretty, but don’t get too close. The spines have a barb on them and they need little encouragement to leave the cactus and lodge in your leg.



I should have moved the hose. This is one of the cactus with barbed spines surrounded by a chocolate plant.



Me playing with the camera. I think maybe there’s a quilt in there somewhere.



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