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Getting Ready For Art on the Patio Sale

My summer studio looks remarkably like my back patio and I want to try having an open studio sale. So, Art on the Patio. Now that I’ve said it out loud, I have to do it. I’m having the usual pre-show angst. Do I have enough pieces made? What if I sell out in the first hour? What if no one shows up? What if I don’t sell anything? I’ll be fine once I get to the last weekend this month – which is when the sale is.

Just to add to the fall fun, Jim and I have matching hernias. Mine is lower right abdomen, his is upper left. Neither of us should be living kiln shelves. Jim gets his hernia fixed in early December. I get to see the specialist to find out about my hernia later this month. Once we start getting fixed, there will be no shelf lifting or kiln loading for at least three months. I’m not just in pre-show production mode, I’m in pre-enforced no clay mode.

I’ve got a number of pieces in varying stages of ready to be bisque fired. I’ve made some Christmas ornaments. I’ve got cowboy boots and chilis made, and I wanted something a bit different.


The koi and the ginkgo are commercial stamps. The leaves and stylized trees are my hand-made stamps.

I’ve been playing with ideas for boxes. The white clay piece has impressions from my leaf stamps. The brown clay piece has an impression from a doily I crocheted. I am not thrilled with the doily so I am now using it with clay.

Someone, and I don’t remember who, suggested I would be able to see the cones better if I painted a brick or post with red iron oxide and put that behind my cones. I don’t have a brick or post to paint, so I rolled out a slab, used the same doily I don’t like, plopped the slab over a mold and got a little wall for behind the cones. I’ll coat it with red iron oxide and bisque it standing behind the cones.

I’m still working on a non-piddling teapot. When I tested the teapots I bisque fired a few days ago, one pot wouldn’t pour right. I knew I had made a better pot than that. Then I discovered that a wasp had built a nest in the spout. It’s tough to destroy a wasp’s nest after it has been bisque fired. The pot poured significantly better after I managed to dig out the nest. img_3289img_3288

I’m still working on learning the Canon. These are today’s backyard photos.

I played with the telephoto lens the other night as I took sunset photos. img_3203img_3204img_3230img_3254

I learned that with the telephoto lens, I’m better off it I use manual focus. I also learned that the lens shortens the foreground. In some of the shots I took, it looks as if I lived in the middle of a city. When I checked, some of the houses were at least a half mile away and  many were a mile or more away.



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