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I Feel Much Calmer

I’m back on my regular dose of meds, and I feel closer to center. I still pop up to manic more than and quicker than I’d like. Still, it’s good to feel more settled. If I had to choose between manic and depressed, I’d choose depressed. Manic is when I move at warp speed and can’t slow down. A bad manic event is when I’m so far above center that I can’t function. If I’m below center and depressed, I just withdraw.

I did some photography this morning. Cactus do bloom, but the blooms don’t last long. Here are photos of the Claret Cup cactus. I don’t know what the proper name is.

Claret cup closeup

This is my favorite shot. I’ve no idea how I got the background so dark, but I like it. I had waited a bit too long to take these shots this morning and I was dealing with harsh sunlight. Seeing the LED of the shot was tough. I got down on the ground to get this shot.

Claret cup de haze

Same cactus but shot from above. If you look closely, you can see some itty bitty baby cactus.

Blooming agave 3-17-17

This is an agave that Jim rescued from the trash pile. Usually, the plants are bigger before blooming, but this one wants to bloom now. Agave bloom only once and die after blooming. Yes, there will be photos to commemorate the progress of the strange, eerie bloom.

In other news, my Etsy store is open for business. You can reach my shop here.

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