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45 And Counting

Tomorrow, we celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. I feel like I’ve been married forever and that I got married just last month. To celebrate, Jim is buying me a new vacuum cleaner. No, he’s not insensitive; I wanted a new Dyson, so we’re getting one.

I’m still working on the Disappearing Downtown project. I spent one morning this week in Old Mesilla taking shots of the plaza. Because of the Spanish influence, we have plazas here rather than a downtown district. The plaza is like the town squares found in other parts of the US. I got up early so I could take advantage of the light. The good news: There was no one around so I could take my time composing shots and stand wherever I wanted. The bad news: There was no one around so the plaza looks lifeless.

Mesilla 64 5-30-17

Mesilla 9 5-30-17

Mesilla 6 5-30-17

Mesilla 98 5-30-17 neg grunge

Mesilla 99 5-30-17 grunge

Mesilla 1 5-30-17

Mesilla 65 5-30-17

There’s a Nambe shop on the plaza, and some wonderful pieces are in the display window. I wanted to play with reflections so I concentrated on shooting a large bowl that was on display. If you look closely, you can see me reflected in the bowl.

Mesilla 86 5-30-17 vintage 2

Mesilla 85 5-30-17 edge 2 vintage grunge

Later in the week, I tried taking photos inside the local shopping mall. That worked well until a security guard came running up to tell me I couldn’t take photos and that some of the merchants complained that there was “some woman taking photos.” Yes, the mall can forbid photography. Although it’s a public space, the courts see malls as private property and the mall owners can limit access and activities.

Mall 22 5-31-17 edge 2 vintage 2


Mall 20 5-31-17 edge grunge, glass blocks x2


Mall 17 5-31-17 crop for eyes


Mall 14 5-31-17

Mall 11 5-31-17

I had set my white balance to fluorescent and neglected to set it back to daylight. And so my first set of storm shots came out weird.

Rain 3 6-1-17

Rain 6 6-1-17

The top photo is set for fluorescent lighting, the bottom is what I actually saw.

Rain 9 6-1-17

Rain play 4 6-1-17 vintage grunge cinema x2

Playing in the rain.

I’m linking with Nina Marie here. Stop by and see what other artists have been doing this week.



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2 thoughts on “45 And Counting

  1. Deb,
    I’ve been living in El Paso for some 38 years! How have we not met yet? I’m in NY till the first week of August. We must try to meet then, ok? I saw your blog on the IJQ list. My email is:
    Susy Rothschild


  2. Congratulations on your 45th anniversary!
    I found the photos I believe you manipulated on an app, especially compelling. Lovely compositions that draw you in, especially due to perspective and asymmetry.


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