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Photos, Meds, And Secrets

More med adjustment. Wellbutrin is now replaced by Cymbalta. The point of Cymbalta is to relieve the neuropathy pain. It’s an antidepressant which, for some odd reason, helps with nerve pain. Sort of. It sort of helps me. I’m still having to take gabapentin and still having to sleep with a TENS unit attached to me. Cymbalta is acting like Prozac. I can only take it every other day and I have no appetite. The no appetite part is difficult because I have to take antibiotics for another week and I have to take them with food.

I make no secret about being bipolar, and I’m finding people who have mental illnesses are willing to ask me about medication. While I don’t mind the questions, I do mind that these people are firmly in the closet. I never have and never will out anyone. Still, the stigma of mental illness isn’t going to go away until we all come out of the closet. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 26% of the population in the US has a diagnosed mental illness. This doesn’t count the number of people who haven’t been diagnosed. The next time you are in a room with 4 or more people, do the math. I’m in a class with 20 other students. Per the math, at least 4 other students have a mental illness. We are everywhere. Even if you aren’t aware of our mental illnesses, we are everywhere.

Jim and I did some hiking during spring break and went to Bosque del Apache on the “spring holiday.” Spring holiday is the politically correct version of Good Friday. Oddly, the spring holiday falls on Good Friday every year. Funny how that happens.

I bought a new lens for the Canon. Tamron 18-400mm. I wanted an all-in-one lens because changing lenses in the field when one is in a desert is not a good thing to do. Sand, dirt, dust, and crud aren’t good things to have inside your camera. I also didn’t want to schlep lenses every time I go hiking. The more I use this lens, the more I like this lens. Jim kept borrowing my camera so I have no idea who took what shots. Here’s the best of the lot.

Jim and I did some hiking at Aguirre Springs and White Sands during spring break and went to Bosque del Apache on the “spring holiday.” Spring holiday is the politically correct version of Good Friday. Oddly, the spring holiday falls on Good Friday every year. Funny how that happens.

Aguirre Springs.

Aguire Springs 14

East side of the Organ Mountains. Aguirre Springs 7

Bunny Ears of the Organ Mountains.

White Sands National MonumentWhite Sands 1

Where the white gypsum sand meets the desert. The white part in the middle is a dry lake. White Sands 3

It’s amazing how much grows on the white sand which is really powdered gypsum.

White Sands 7

Once vegetation takes root, the dune becomes solid.

Bosque del Apache.

Bosque del Apache 1 3-31-18Bosque del Apache 3Bosque del Apache 4 3-31-18 Cropped

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4 thoughts on “Photos, Meds, And Secrets

  1. Hello There! Looks like we are neighbors – I love Aguirre Springs! My goal is to hike it again one day! Soon I will be recovered enough from chemo to do just that! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I bought the Tamron 18 – 400 a month or two before heading up for a leaf peeping trip last year and love it. It is classified in my world as the travel lens. I have an L lens that is great, but heavy and too dear to carry on a plane, I also have a Tamron 150 – 600, but it is a beast to carry any length of time. I love your pictures of Bosque del Apache and hope to visit some day. My husband took me to see the cranes in Alabama this year and we will get to New Mexico someday. Too bad I wasn’t active in photography when the government was sending me to White Sands every other month. I use a lot of medication for off label uses.


  3. Hang in there, things can only get better. I have 2 grown children, one is bipolar the other suffers from depression. In fact I know so many people with issues, I’m beginning to think it is epidemic in the U.S. Love the photos, that is an area I have not been too, beautiful.


  4. Deb I can relate to this post. #1 I am a diagnosed Depressive who thankfully can control it with a relatively innocuous Citalopram. But for the last week, I have been dreaming about being depressed, so I may need a tune up! #2 I lived in Albuquerque for 12 yeas and loved New Mexico. And Bosque del Apache and White Sands are both fantastical places.


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