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Getting Back My Desire To Make Art

Although Cymbalta sucked all the joy out of life, I have managed to do a tiny bit of art. When I realized that I had no desire to go to class, no desire to read, no desire to do my homework and, most telling, no desire to make art, I knew it was time to come off Cymbalta. I’m now going through withdrawal. Withdrawal sucks. If I were coming off heroin, I’d puke and poop for three days and be done. With psych meds, it’s a minimum of 6 weeks of misery and I’ve had withdrawal last as long as 12 weeks. So for the duration, I’ll be having hot flashes, balance problems, daily surprises. Like the surprise I got yesterday when I woke up, sat up, and watched the room spin. Clockwise. I’m in the northern hemisphere so rooms only spin clockwise.

Anyway, I did manage to make some boxers. I took leftover fabric and cut out legs. If there was enough fabric for both legs to match, that’s what I did. If not enough fabric for both legs but enough fabric for one leg, then there’s a leg of this and a leg of that.

The first pair, I made some mistakes because I had forgotten how to put the boxers together. I got better with each pair, and now I can’t remember what I did so I get to go through the learning curve yet again when I start using up leftover fabric for boxers for Jim.


You can see the mistake if you look closely.


Of course I had to use my fancy stitches.


I wasn’t trying to match the print. If I had tried, it wouldn’t have matched.


For the first time in a long time, I want to make art. I’m working on finishing up the nerve regeneration quilt and I’ve got a mitochondria quilt designed. I need to pick out fabric for that quilt.

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I retired from the Public Defender Dept. November 12, 2015 after 16 health destroying years. Now, I'm a full time multi-media artist and writer on a new adventure. As an artist, I create with beads, fabric, fiber, and ceramic clay. Sometimes separately; sometimes in assorted combinations. You can find my on-line store at:

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  1. I am just finishing a course of TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) for depression and I highly recommend it. Almost no side effects; sometimes I was tired that day, but I also have an autoimmune disorder, so I can’t confidently say the TMS was what made me tired. I responded a bit slowly. TMS lasts six weeks of daily treatment, then a few weeks of tapering off. Many start to see improvement after two to three weeks, but it took me a month. I kept thinking I was in the minority of people who wouldn’t respond, but though it came a bit late, it came. I don’t want to be too over-disclosing, but I was absolutely at the doors of leaving this mortal coil, halfway through the door – and most of my joy and sense purpose has returned. This treatment has been around since the 90s and I used to be in the mental health field, yet I had not heard of it. It is a real medical treatment, not a quackery thing. It requires a prescription/referral. I’m grateful my therapist knew of it as I cannot tolerate antidepressants. TMS plus therapy, as opposed to TMS alone, has the best chance of success with the best chance of avoiding or delaying relapse, but even TMS alone has a high rate of success. I’m not usually the weirdo who gives medical advice on the internet, but when I saw your description of Cymbalta’s effect and thought about how little I had heard of TMS beforehand, I thought I’d be that weirdo.


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