Playing In The Mud

I’ve been feeling down lately. I understand some of the down feeling, the rest is probably bipolar acting up. Playing in the mud helps – better than and faster than meds. Plus, the cheapskates at the HMO can’t stop me from playing in the mud, can’t raise the cost of playing in the mud, and can’t limit the amount of mud in which I play. (insert Bronx cheer here)

I’ve been working on a different mug design.


Yes, I have to clean the goobers off. I also have to put terra sig on the bottoms. The clay I’m using has some sand in it and I don’t want the mug to tear up the countertop. A few coats of terra sig on the bottom makes for a smooth bottom.

I’m thinking of putting one glaze into the carved out parts and then glazing the entire mug with another glaze. I’m thinking that I can get some nice flow and bleed through that way. Or, I could just use a celadon…. but I want the trees to pop.


I’m working on a set of nesting bowls made from a clay called Chocolate. It’s made by New Mexico Clay. I made the bowls so the tops should all come out even when nested. Smaller one is the shortest, largest one is the tallest. I plan on using 1/4″ quilters tape around the inside edge, then putting white terra sig on the inside. I want to be able to layer glazes and have them show up. Then, I’ll mask off the outside leaving 1/4″ at the top. Those two 1/4″ bits plus the rim will be glazed with clear glossy. The rest of the outside of the pot will be naked clay. I really like the look of this clay when it’s fired naked.


I’ve been playing around with pinch pots. I liked how the little air plant pots came out, and I’m trying the same idea with a larger bowl. I’ll do glaze layering on the inside and one glaze on the outside. I liked how the glaze ran on the inside of the air plant pots and I want the same thing on the pinch bowls.